There is a success-fee, and there is hourly rate model.

If your idea does not fit in any of them, send me a message - let's work something out.

Success fee is the recrutiment from A to Z.

It consists of all of the tasks that I am performing in for the hourly rate.

You get a quarantee that the candidate will work with you for 9 months. If I don't find a candidate, you don't pay anything.

Cost: 0.85 gross monthly salary + VAT

Hourly rate is about completing certain activities in certain timeframe.

You can choose that activities that you want me to perform.

There is no quarantee here. I get paid on the basis of contracted hours that I actually worked on.

Cost: 125 € / hour + VAT (minimum 5 H, every 5 H)

Below is the break-down of the steps of recruitment services.

One can estimate that every step takes 5 working hours per one candidate.

With more candidates, the effect of scale comes into play - reducing the time by 15-30% per candidate.

Recruitment activities

I. Consulating with Hiringa Manager and feedback on the state of the market.

1. Talking with the Hiring Manager about ideal candidate | key required competencies | position of the opening in an organisation | growth possibilities on that possition | key information for candidates (salary, remote work, type of contract, possibility of 60-80% engagement).

2. Performing the market reserch based on perfect candidate | key competencies. Feedback for the Hiring Manager on how many people qualify as perfect candidates | have the key competencies, so the Hiring Manager is able to manage the expectations.

II. Reachout to candidates.

1. Reaching out to perfect candidates through LinkedIn/Twitter/e-mail. Once they show interest in the offer, I send it to them.

2. Reaching out to candidates having key competencies through LinkedIn/Twitter/e-mail. Once they show interest in the offer, I send it to them.

III. Qualification for interview with Hiring Manager.

1. Conducting audio/video interview with the candidates that decided that the job offer is interesting to them, in order to establish if they qualify for an interview with the Hiring Manager, and to answer their questions.

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